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Welcome to the MVP Golf Lessons

FACT: The PGA & USGA Say 90% Of ALL Golfers Can't Consistently Break 100 Much less 90?

I specialize in golfers that can't Break 100 or 90  
The interesting thing is they’re not "bad golfers". They just don't know how to play consistent low scoring golf, I teach them how to Break 100 or 90 on any golf course.

Only 3 Kind of Golf Clubs are Use in 70% of Any Golf Game!
1. Putter (Is 42% or more of your total score)
2. Wedge’s (100 yards or less the scoring zone!)
3. Driver (Is used about 14 times per round)
Once a golfer improve their skills with these 3 kinds clubs, here’s what happens.

They Consistently shooting under 100.
Anyone after playing for a year or more can breaking 100. It's actually very simple to Break 100 every round. The majority of golfers don't. There in lies the problem. MVP Golf Lessons has the the answers that golfers need!

Bad Round Breaking Down     
1. Golfers made a fatal error before they tee up on the first hole! 
2. Before playing their second shot on every hole comes next fatal error!
3. After the first hole, a golfer has pretty much set in stone a score for the round! Most golfer try to play boogie golf only to end up with a score over 100. Because of the fatal error make!

Because 250-yards Drives have nothing to do with Breaking 100 or 90! Breaking 100 or 90 has nothing to do with what the Golf Industry wants golfers to believe, or PGA Pros, Golf stores, or Golf magazines) sells you or tell you! Think about this. Why can't 90% of all golfers break100 if they are the answer? If golfers can break 100 or 90 every round why would the golfers need them?

To Consistently Break 100 or 90 You Need To Know;
1. The secret of reading the green before ever making a putt.
2. What Golf club(s) to leave out of your golf bag.
3. Number of strokes for your personal "beat the course" par on each hole.
4. How to stay in the fairway, to never lose an unnecessary stroke ever again.
5. Which Set of tee to play from based on driving distance not ego-tripping.
Use these easy-to-learn tricks and those golf scores will drop a rock from the sky. 

Best of all!
Put an end to the frustration of inconsistency by knowing how Break 100 or 90 every round of golf. Golf becomes a real joy every single time you play.


Golfers can take up to 10 shots off your scores! Start landing drives in the short grass Fairways. Land Wedges from 100-yards or less on the greens. Two putting or less 90% of the time. Why because on the tee, they have the confidence of knowing they're can to land the golf ball in the fairway. Approach shots are easier too. They’re hitting from the fairway instead of out of the rough. Every chip shot is hit solid and can stop nearer to the flag. They Putt confidently knowing the ball will stop within 2 feet of or maybe even in the hole. They're hitting more solid shots all the time in every round of golf they play.

Make Big Improvements                                                                                  

Improve any of parts of your golf game in just one lesson. You tell me which part(s) need work.
Driving (Longer & Straighter)
Wedge play (Shots of 100 yards or less)
Putting (Reading the greens right will reduce 3 putts)

At MVP Golf Lessons the only goal is to teach golfers to have better golf skills at a price that the average golfer can afford. Most golfers will see dramatic improvements after only one lesson and then they only need to apply what they have learned to every round of golf to shoot those lower golf scores every golfer wants in every round of golf they play.


All golf lessons are a full 60 minutes!

Mon.Tue. Thur. Fri 10am. to 2pm or 7pm to 9pm

Sat. & Sun. 11am to 3pm.

One (1) lesson is just $40.00

 Three (3) lessons are just $100.00

    Six (6) lessons will be $200.00 

I also offer a Nine (9) hole Playing lesson for $80.00   

Just contact us to set up a lesson or a lesson package.